The Biohazard Story

Biohazard Custom Surfboards was launched in 1996 as a result of John Folliott's vision to make a pro-quality hand crafted board, built from the finest materials available, with some of the most eye-catching finishes you'll find anywhere in the world.

Long before that, John's close association with world-class shapers like Brian Bulkley & Ron Lieggi as well as other pro-caliber shapers from California & Hawaii allowed him to learn the art, first hand,  by some of the best in the world.

BIOHAZARD name came from John's background in the professional medical field.  A logo that is instantly recognizable and symbolizes a product that commands respect.

Since it's inception, Biohazard has shaped hundreds of boards that are now being ridden on waves from California to Florida and all over the world.

Yours is next